Curriculum Vitae


Full Name: Georgios (Yiorgo) Moutsiaras

Nationality: Greek. Dutch.

Place of Birth: Volos, Greece.

Current Address: Delft, The Netherlands


January 2010 - Present Principal conductor and artistic director at Strijkorkest de Haagse Beek (String Orchestra from The Hague) * The Netherlands (Non-Profit; Music industry)

January 2009 - Present Principal conductor and artistic director at Laurentiuskoor Oudorp (Laurentius Choir from Oudorp - Alkmaar) * The Netherlands (Non-Profit; Church choir)

September 2003 - November 2012 Principal conductor and artistic director at Orkest van Utrecht (Orchestra of Utrecht) * The Netherlands (Non-Profit; Music industry)

March 2004 - August 2008 Principal conductor and artistic director at Filharmonish Orkest ’s-Hertogenbosch (Philharmonic Orchestra of ’s-Hertogenbosch) * The Netherlands (Non-Profit; Music industry)

September 2000 - August 2002 Principal conductor & artistic director at “For Him Only” youth choir Oudekerk Delfshaven * Rotterdam, The Netherlands (Non-Profit; Church choir)

September 1997 - August 1999 Principal conductor and artistic director at Βολιώτικη Χορωδία (Volos Choir) * Volos, Greece (Non-Profit; Music industry)

September 1996 - August 1998 Principal conductor and artistic director at Μικτή Χορωδία Λέσχης Τραπεζικών Υπαλλήλων Νομού Μαγνησίας (Mixed Choir of Bank-workers of Magnesia) * Volos, Greece (Non- Profit; Music industry)


2004 – 2006 Postgraduate studies – Master of Music in music theory and writing with specialization in orchestral conducting. Side subject: Composition Lemmens Institute - Hogeschool voor Wetenschap en Kunst, Leuven, Belgium

2002 – 2004 Bachelor of Music in orchestral and ensemble conducting. Side subject: Choir conducting Conservatorium Maastricht - Hogeschool Zuyd, Maastricht, The Netherlands

1999 – 2003 Bachelor of Music in orchestral conducting. Side subject: Violoncello Academy for Music and Dance of Rotterdam-CODARTS, Rotterdam, The Netherlands

1997 – 1999 Theory of music studies. Diplomas in harmony of music, counterpoint, fugue Music School of Magnesia, Volos, Greece

1993 – 1997 Classical singing and bassoon studies Music School of Magnesia & Municipal Conservatoire of Volos, Volos, Greece

1983 – 1996 Piano studies as main subject. Piano certificate Music School of Magnesia & National Conservatoire, Volos, Greece


2011 – 2014 D.Renzetti in conducting * Terrassa, Spain.

2006 – 2010 J.Panula in conducting * Amsterdam, Netherlands. G.Hadjinikos in conducting * Horto, Greece. B.Haitink in conducting * Lucerne, Switzerland. E. de Waart in conducting* Den Haag, Netherlands. L.B.Dunner, G.Jordania, J.Sternberg in conducting * Chattanooga TN, USA. E.Saveniers in conducting * Leuven, Belgium

2001 – 2005 K.Masur in conducting * Detmold, Germany. H.Rilling, M.Suzuki in conducting * Stuttgart, Germany. J.Stulen in conducting * Amsterdam, The Netherlands. J.Hempel, A.v.Beek, H.Guittart, E.v.Tiel in conducting * Rotterdam, The Netherlands. J.Wijnen in conducting * Genestelle, France

1995 – 2000 J.Hempel, A.v.Beek, E.v.Tiel, H.Guittart, L.Vis, A.Vujic, N.Efthimiadis, A.Kondogeorgiou in conducting * Rotterdam, Amsterdam, Eindhoven The Netherlands * Karditsa, Larisa, Greece


Orchestras conducted

Bach Collegium Stuttgart, Nederlands Promenade Orkest, Greek National Opera Orchestra, Orchestra of Colours, Chamber Philharmonic Orchestra of Catalonia, Chattanooga Symphony Orchestra, the Rotterdam Young Philharmonic, Flehite Sinfonietta, Leuven University Orchestra, Lemmensinstituut Symphony Orchestra and the Ihos ensemble, Utrechts Blazers Ensemble, Kaos ensemble, Anemos Ensemble, Gruppo Montebello and other minor ensembles. Foundations: Ichos Ensemble, Greek choir Filomila, Nederlands Camerata


4 personal, 1 in collaboration with other artists, for the Dutch radio during 2001, 2003, 2006-2011

Honors and Awards

"Orchestra Favorite" Award at the 6th V.Jordania International Conducting Competition 2006, Chattanooga TN, USA. Artistic Director at the 11th Festival for Sacred Choral Music 1999, Volos, Greece

Participation in conducting competitions

6th V.Jordania international Conducting Competition 2006, Chattanooga TN, USA. The 2006 Dimitris Mitropoulos international Competition for Conducting, Athens, Greece. The 2010 Antonio Pedrotti International Competition for Orchestral Conductors, Trento, Italy

Military Service

(20 months) Musician airman at the Hellenic Air Force (May 1997 – Jan 1999)


Greek (native), English (Cambridge FC), Dutch (Diploma NT2 Program II)


Photography, swimming, latin dance, cooking, cycling, Argentinian tango


Live concerts, cinema, theater, ancient Greek theater, mythology and names, novels, poetry, Greek traditional music, football, tennis