What others have said about Yiorgo Moutsiaras

  • "I have known George Moutsiaras for years but only quite recently have I had the opportunity of observing him in full action, e.g. both rehearsal and concert. I can now confirm his genuine and wholehearted relation both to his musicians as well as to the spirit of the composers I heard and saw him conducting. So I can commend him unreservedly."


George Hadjinikos

Conductor, Pianist, Professor Royal Northern College of Music, Manchester, UK

  • "I am always much impressed by the speed in which Mr. Moutsiaras studies new scores. He is a serious musician who knows his craft, exhibits authority and experience. His conducting technique is very accomplished and is a pleasure to look at. With his wonderful technique, it is no problem for him to express his musical ideas. In my opinion, Mr.Moutsiaras deserves it getting the chance to work with good orchestras."


René Gulikers

Conductor, Professor Hochschule für Musik und Theater Hamburg, Germany

  • "I strongly recommend Mr.Moutsiaras as conductor. He has shown very sincere, convincing musicianship and ideal conducting hand. I am sure Mr.Moutsiaras has the best possibilities to become a first class conductor."


Jan Stulen

Conductor, Professor Conservatoria Maastricht and Rotterdam, Netherlands

  • "Mr. Moutsiaras is a very gifted musician with a large view on several orchestral music styles, with the combination of analytic spirit with a fine, communicating technique. He deserves a large support and all opportunities to improve his musical talents."


Edmond Saveniers

Conductor and music director of the Marsyas Symphony Orchestra Antwerp, Belgium

Conductor and music director of the University Symphony Orchestra of Leuven, Belgium

Professor Lemmens Institute Leuven, Belgium

  • "Yiorgo's deep musicianship and his joyous ways of going about his conducting, truly set him apart. I was struck by both his immense talent and the worthy character of Yiorgo himself---always the gentleman, generous, humorous---all important virtues on and off the podium."


Oscar Bustillo

Composer, Conductor and Music teacher at Pacifica Christian High School Los Angeles, USA

  • “Yiorgo is a reliable, talented and hard-working person! His attitude and personality declares that he is to be trusted on any musical matter not only due to his sensitive and accurate way of dealing with interpretation but because he has proved to be reliable and punctual in any obligation he has undertaken!”


Aris Lanaridis

Composer, UK

  • “I know Yiorgo Moutsiaras as a conductor that takes an honest interest in the music he is dealing with. He aspires quality rather than publicity. He approaches the music with enthusiasm, which inspires the orchestra. He is not afraid to introduce contemporary music. As a composer, I appreciate his respectful attitude to my music. This makes cooperation very easy.”


Johan Adriaenssen

Composer, Norway

  • "Yiorgo is a very passionate conductor with a certain presence about him. It was immediately obvious that the music came straight from his soul. I hope to work with Yiorgo again someday.”


Sheri Peck

Principal Second Violin Chattanooga Symphony and Opera, USA

  • "I have learnt to know Yiorgo as a warm, inspirational, enthousiastic, perfectionistic and responsible leader that was able to form the orchestra to his musical wishes. It was a great pleasure to follow his directions and interpretation of the pieces.”


Muriel Hagenaars

First Violin player Philharmonisch Orkest 's-Hertogenbosch, Netherlands

  • “Yiorgo is being working with us (Orkest van Utrecht) since 2003 and I enjoy to work with him as a player as well as chairleader of the Committee. Yiorgo has constructive ideas about the program and future of the orchestra. He prepares his rehearsals very well, works on the details as well as the whole impression of the music and is able to raise the music to a higher level and let the players really play together with great results.”


Ernestine Elkenbracht

President and Viola player Orkest van Utrecht, Netherlands

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