Service that allows users to send a request to view/edit/delete their personal info stored by this website

Your personal information stored by this website are:

  • Your name
  • Your e-mail address

You give your permission to provide the website with these information in order to use the contact form and communicate with Yiorgo Moutsiaras. This information is stored for 1 year in order Yiorgo Moutsiaras to be able to contact you and communicate with you. After 1 year this information is deleted except if you have re-used the contact form of the website. The expiration date is considered 1 year after the last provision of your information. Another exception to storage of your information for more than 1 year is done with your written permission via an e-mail.

Do you want to view and/or edit and/or delete your personal information?

This is possible. Just fill in the special form with your request. Your can find it at . Alternatively contact Yiorgo Moutsiaras via the e-mail address y i o r g o [at] m o u t s i a r a s . c o m . If you are under 18 years of age, you will get an immediate response. In other cases your request will be fulfilled within 30 days.

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