Eindhovens Dagblad

The conductor Yiorgo Moutsiaras managed to keep the essence of the music at a high level. He stuck to the detail but also followed the general line and knew how to make the musicians’ feeling for this beautiful music emerge.

(M. Senger on Puccini’s Messa di Gloria)

Stuttgarter Zeitung

In the first place to call is Y. Moutsiaras who interpreted the entrance piece as a passionate back and forth between “cloud” and “sunshine”, having taken the text literally beneficial. What a conducting temperament!

(Sturowski on Bach’s Cantate BWV 72 “Alles nur nach Gottes willen”)

Brabands Dagblad

Moutsiaras knew how to keep the unity in the atmosphere from the beginning to the end. A special performance.

(R. van Peer on Borodin’s 2nd Symphony)

Brabands Dagblad

Conductor Yiorgo Moutsiaras has clearly worked hard with both orchestras, because it actually resonates with inspiration through the Norwegian Dances by Grieg.

(M. van de Voort)


The biggest and most impressive part of the concert was the bold and dashing performance of the choir which […] expressed a new conception with regard to choir-interpretation and to choice of musical compositions as well. Undoubtedly, these new perceptions are attributed to the impetuous mood of their conductor, Yiorgo Moutsiaras; a promising young man and talented musician who has given fresh inspiration to the choral ensemble.

(G. Mougogiannis)

I Thessalia

Yiorgo Moutsiaras, an excellent orchestral instructor with special capabilities to transfer his innermost interpretation to the interpreters, managed to infuse the orchestra with his own interpretive aesthetics. The orchestra’s interpretation was impressive and full of virtuosity, entirely inspired by Moutsiaras.

(G. Mougogiannis)

I Thessalia

The continuous standing ovation and the constant request for encore brought him back to the stage several times. Moutsiaras, a man with special sensitivity to interpretation of symphonic music, knowing in depth the difficulty on how to interpret a symphonic work, masters the lead of the orchestra. His instructions are assimilated by the musicians while endeavouring to reach the level of expressing the interpretation of the music.

(G. Mougogiannis)

Rotary Wijk bij Duurstede

The ambitious program revealed knowledge and skills of the orchestra and its conductor Yiorgo Moutsiaras. The conductor did a great job. This was also evident from his track record. It was a wonderful evening with the Utrecht Orchestra conducted by Yiorgo Moutsiaras.

(W. Wink)

Freya (be)leeft

The charisma and movements of the Greek conductor Yiorgo Moutsiaras provide this orchestra with an incredible sound. He has them in his grasp and everyone plays above his ability. Just as I know from experience, there are only few conductors who can achieve that. What a man, what a conductor.

(F. de Mink)

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